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Hungarian Blood Bowl league 2017

Last modified: 10th Dec 2010

The 2017 Hungarian Blood Bowl league ("league") is a half-year, cc. 10 gameweek long match series encompassed in a league format, using the Competition RuleBook (CRP) rules along with some modifications based on the latest, 2016 version of Blood Bowl. Continue reading if you are considering joining the league; you will find all information you need in this document or on the linked pages.

Rules -> 2017 rules 

When? -> from January 2017 to June, 2 matches/month

Where? -> Budapest and its vicinity, preferebly in a gaming store/club, e.g. Gép-Ház, Hammertime Café, etc.

How much? -> 2000 HUF (roughly 7 USD)

Prizes-> The fun. And some loot maybe.

Deadline for sign-ups -> 6th January, 2017. 11:59:59 PM (A Friday night..)

Help-> LFG Forum , this site's contact formFacebook.

Previous league results: OBBLM site or here 

Admission criteria

You are going to need the following to be eligible to participate in the league:

Coach  - it's you. You should live in or near Budapest, Hungary, know the rules of Blood Bowl and have at least a few matches under your belly.

Head Coach model - the figure representing the Head Coach, a result of a new rule from Blood Bowl 2016, Death Zone, Season One.

Team with players - a Blood Bowl team, no proxies please. Consult with the administrators if your team is a re-skinned version of an existing team, e.g. pirates for a human team, unicorn for a minotaur, etc.

Paint - not mandatory, but a TTQ paint (3+ colors) on your figures is recommended.

Sign-up fee - 2000 HUF

How to sign-up - send an email to the administrators: swifty.coninor AND kisguciilles Google mail addresses (you know, 

Send the following: your name, nickname, team name, your phone number and email address. Having FB, Twitter, etc. accounts is optional.

PLEASE if you decide to join, play your matches or find someone who can substitute your (for max. 2 matches).


Competition System


Teams have 1 000 000 gold to spend (so they should be able to field a TV1000 group) using the teams from CRP (Competition Rules Pack) with the following additional choices, bonuses:

* Slann, Underworld, Chaos Pact teams can be fielded;

* you can distribute 3 normal skill among your players. No player may receive more than one skill this way.

As per the new regulations, human catchers cost 60 000 gold, halfling treemen have the new Timmm-ber! skill (even if it can't be set in the team roster in OBBLM). Wood elf treemen do not have the Timmm-ber! skill.

Season scheduling


Regular season: those who finish in the regular season proceed to the playoffs. Matches are played in a round-robin fashion, if possible, otherwise the exact procedure is laid down by the administrators.


Play-offs: a knock-out stage for the final victory.

Match count for the regular season will be limited to maximum of 10 games!


If setting up a full round-robin regular season is not possible, the participant teams will be distributed into groups. The teams will be seeded after assessing their Coach's performance in previous Blood Bowl games.

The OBBLM rankings will be used for seeding together with the Coach's FUMBBL ranking.

Game week

We define 'Game week' as the period of time during which teams have to play one round of the league.

Usually a game week is 2 (normal) week, thus 14 days long. An exception is around Easter when the game week is 3 weeks long.

First game week: Mon, 9th Jan 2017
Regular season: 9th Jan 2017-4th June 2017. (10 game weeks)
Play-offs: 5th June 2017-30th June 2017.


Arranging the date for the matchday

You are obliged to make the arrangements with your opponents on the official forum of the league:

LFG Blood Bowl Liga 2016 forum (still points to the 2016 version, it will be replaced ASAP)

If you don't play a match and the arrangements took place outside the LFG forum, the result is conceding for both parties!


A maximum of two times in a season you can be stood-in for by someone else. If you don't find a replacement for a match or you would exceed this two possibility, you must concede the game.

Aki ezt elmulasztja, az automatikusan feladásra vár státuszba kerül, és az ellenfelének a jóindulatán múlik, hogy egy később beugró helyettesítővel hajlandó-e asztalhoz ülni. 

From 2017 onwards the parties HAVE TO notify the administrators if they are unable to get a replacement Coach until mid-way of a game week. Without this notification you are set in a 'will concede' status and unless you can play the match in time or get your opponent to play against a late stand-in Coach you will automatically concede the game.


You can concede during a match (when things go south for you) or by not showing up to a match. For consequences read the relevant part in CRP. Despite CRP's regulations the winner team does not get the match income of the loser team!

If you conceded during a match, your opponent automatically wins; use the current result if he was winning, otherwise book a victory for him with 1 more TD than you currently have.

If you don't show up, your opponent wins the match 1-0.

The administrators may elect to ignore the 'star players with 51+ SPP may leave if you concede' rule (see CRP pg. 29).

Warranty against conceding

If, one day before the end of a game week you offer at least 3 sensible date/time/place combination to your NEXT opponent, you will get immunity against conceding for the next game week.

A sensible date/time is week days afternoon (starting the match from 4:30PM-6PM), a sensible place is a gaming club or maybe your opponent's place.

If your opponent also gets this warranty, but you still cannot agree on a match date/place and the match is not played until the end of the game week, it is booked as 0-0 without MVPs and income.

Preparation for matches

* You can use all inducements from CRP, including cards.

* Painted teams (Head Coach must be painted too, if used) from round 3 get 1 extra cheerleader AND 1 extra assistant coach.  These bonuses are not cumulative. (You won't get a 2nd extra cheer for round 4, etc.)

Common denominators

If you can agree on these with your opponent, you can:

* both draw 1 additional card for your match

* measure the time with a chess-clock. Use 64 minutes per Coach per match. If you are out of time you can only stand up prone players or make them prone from a stunned state.



Victory: 4 pts
Draw:  2 pts
Defeat: 0 pt
Achieving at least 3 TDs + 1 pt
Defeat with 1 TD difference: +1 pt



Awards go for Head Coaches, except for the drawn awards, these cannot land at the administrators (or their relatives)

Note: this list is just an example so you can estimate the value of certain awards.

League winner                    - Blood Bowl starter
Award of Endurance (among those who played all of their matches, drawn)* - Blood Bowl team
Player with most TD           -  miniature
Player with most CAS          -  miniature
Most dead player                 -  miniature
Best rookiec**                       -  miniature
Razzie-award***                    - miniature

* - If such a team exists

** - Rookie is someone who hasn't yet played according to OBBLM

*** - The team at the bottom of the league that played all of their matches (with a max. 2 stand-ins).


Rules for entry

1) Buy tickets (100 HUF, you may buy max. 2/match) at the club you play. Don't be an administator or a relative of them, you are not eligible to play!

2) Wait for the draw at the end of the season.

3) Profit!


The raffle prizes will be announced later.

See the 2016 raffle prizes (the main prize was a Black Scorpion Amazons team along with extra guys, other prizes included miniatures, old White Dwarf magazines, a PVC Blood Bowl pitch, etc.)

The Pools ("Totó")

The pools (called "Totó" in Hungarian) is a simple betting game where you guess on the outcome of a match. The possible outcomes are 1 for the home team's victory, 2 for the away team's victory and X for a draw.

Following the successful toto series of 2016, 2017 will be another good year for toto players looking for fun and a small prize.

Note: anyone can enter the competition and we hope to give out extra prizes for those who guess it right for every match in a round!


Contact for the 2017 league administrators (apart from the contact form here)

discreet - kisguciilles
Swifty - swifty.coninor

at Google mail.

OBBLM admin an dev: