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Hungarian Blood Bowl League / Disclaimer

You are looking at the home of the Gép-Ház Hungarian Blood Bowl League ("HBBL"), a tabletop Blood Blowl league run mainly on Budapest locations like Gép-Ház FLGS. (Yes in case you wondered, Gép-Ház is our main sponsor like Barclays is for the Premier League... maybe with slightly less money involved.)

Please note that HBBL is not the Hungarian Blood Bowl Federation (even though many of its players are present in our league) as such thing does not exist at this time, but contacting us is a good way to get in touch with Hungarian Blood Bowl players.

The other way to contact someone who's responsible for the matters of Hungarian Blood Bowl is to contact the national team's captain, currently he is BlackOrc, so for EuroBowl, etc. questions please visit TalkFantasyFootBall and PM him.